Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Once upon a time, in the very last time of Walkers Cay, the island (before storms blew her away) John "Dozer" Donnell, Rob Fordyce and myself had just finished a film along the reef there. Rob had brought his boat across from the states for the event.

It went very well and the day after filming "Dozer" and I were to have flown home on charter as Rob ran his boat back across the Gulfstream.

The morn was clear and dead flat calm as we went to the marina to see Rob off. It was obvious that Rob was not going to make that trip alone. We all jumped aboard...time out for a quick foto...and we struck for Florida.

It continued calm for a couple of hours, letting us stop at a couple of blue holes and load up on snapper. As we sat, becalmed, I fished three, frosty bottles of beer from the coolerator and we drank to the great good fortune of our being there...together... and at the same time, the likelihood that we would never find ourselves there another such time.

How wonderful the plane left without us...

Monday, September 7, 2015

.......more Tall Tales coming your way next week! Thanks again for following along and supporting the new website!!!!!