Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Giving birth (the 14th time)

In February of this year I sold my airboat and ordered a new one…’something I long ago swore never to do (be without an airboat). That, against my resolve done, I began the process to giving birth to my 14th airboat. One would imagine that after thirteen airboats…I might get it right!

For starters, #14 was being built by Al David, Performance Airboats, just moments down the street from my home at Mims…very convenient for me…perhaps not so much for Al David, as I pretty much lived there during the pregnancy! I, at one point, threatened to park my camper there so as not to miss a single rivet going into the hull.

Al delivered the completed project in April…and as in the past, built all I had expected and then some and with rigging and outfitting help from friends, and the motor from my previous boat, I got it wet.

I thought I’d share some fotos of airboats down through the years. These images never cease to conjure up memories of shining times sliding through some of the most intriguing wet spots in the world……

Come with me…Flip