Thursday, April 6, 2017

New "Ask Flip"

**Ed Note: So sorry we haven't been posting much here or on the website. No excuses other than just busy. We'll do our best to get things back running smoothly here. Flip certainly has alot to share. We'll be doing an e-mail blast here soon so make sure you are on the mailing list.

New Ask Flip on the website:
4/17- Cindi Vetter from Waukesha, WI asks:

"Flip,  These pictures all make me smile.   Can to tell us your funniest story with Lefty?....I'm sure there are many to choose from."

"Cindi...thanks for your note. It's timely, as I just got home from taking Lefty to the airport. He's been here at the house for the past few days as we did a seminar in Titusville.
When I went to pick him up at the at the airport baggage claim I received a call from his Cel phone. It was a woman, who said, "Lefty was not feeling well on the plane as we were landing, so the Paramedics were called and are with him now"...Then she hung up and when I called back to find out where they were...I got voicemail.

I went to the Southwest Airlines desk and where they tried to figure out where he was being treated. After 45 minutes or so, six adoring, fly fishing Paramedics wheeled Lefty off the elevator into the crowded baggage claim area. 

They insisted upon having their pictures taken with Lefty which started a domino effect and other passengers on other flights had to have their pictures taken with Lefty as well!

The Paramedics insisted upon taking Lefty to the ninth floor of the parking garage and loading Lefty and all his plunder into my pickup, whereupon a ten minute goodby took place........   

The "Left Hander" sure knows how to make an entrance!!!"- Flip

Flip and Lefty last week in Titusville. Obviously, he's fine! 


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